Because Simplicity Works

Let's face it. Workloads have increased. The requirements to "Get Things Done" has also increased. Your customers expect you to do more, for at least the same price and often for less.

The reliance placed upon technology is no different. You want your systems to do what they're supposed to. No fuss, no bother and the ability to get to your information from wherever you happen to be is now recognised as a positive business advantage.

This is our starting point

if you are spending more money on making your IT investment work for you, then give us a call.

Cloud Strategies offers a range of services for both businesses and individuals that will free up your time and maximise the value you can derive from your technology.

IT Support Has Changed

With the advent of good internet connections, the way that technology is typically supported has progressed.  No longer do you need to unplug your 'stuff' and carry it to a local PC shop. Nor as a business do you really need to hire a team of people to support you. The operational expenses are a significant proportion of your IT budget.

For business, we provide INDEPENDENT advice and guidance. It could be the on-premises systems are the best way for your organisation to work or, whether you REALLY are getting best value. Maybe you need to think about cloud based services and don't know enough? Whether you have a single PC, smartphone or a complex infrastructure we can help.

We have many years experience consulting, delivering, implementing, managing and supporting a diverse range of of business and consumer technology solutions. We also provide both bespoke & turnkey solutions that get you up and running in the shortest possible time. So whether you have 1 or 1000 users we can provide a solution, package or support that fits your need and provides the best value possible

For consumers? you really just want to use the PC and not have to worry about it. We can definitely help. Give us a call if you need some advice.

We're partnering with the leading vendors (we've worked with and for nearly all of them over the past 20 odd years but we're bringing our own independence to the discussions.

It's all about YOUR business.