The Cloud?

Let's face it. You've no doubt heard the term "Cloud" over the few years. In reality you're most likely already using it and may or indeed may not realise it.

The 'Cloud' is the collection of devices (servers, PCs, Networks, Infrastructure and mobile devices) using the internet to pool resources and enable collaboration and working together. Cloud Strategies offers a flexible set of cloud-based IT solutions, including communications, collaboration, data storage, backup, search and infrastructure services. Delivered on-premises, or TOTALLY in the cloud, or a mix based on your business needs.

Cloud Strategies can reduce the technology burden, which equals an improved  productivity experience all around. For you, less administration overhead means more time to focus on business-critical projects that add value to the business. For example, provisioning users is a snap, and you can manage your subscriptions and configure all of your services from one central management console. And, services can be deployed as you need them, giving you more flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.

Users get the familiar tools they need to connect, whether they’re mobile, desk-less, or in different locations. You can also tailor services with the options that meet the needs of different types of employees. And, with cloud based services, your people can access their information from virtually anywhere with an internet connection.

Cloud computing allows you to deploy what you need, when you need it.

Improve communication and collaboration and maximise use of your IT resources. Cloud Strategies can help improve productivity and extend IT resources using a selection of hosted communication and collaboration services designed to deliver flexibility and low overhead costs.

Focus on your business, not your I.T.

Hosted solutions make it intuitive and affordable to share information, files, business processes, calendars, instant messages and more. IT can rapidly deploy a consistent, highly reliable experience—and speed up other breakthroughs as well.

Online Services can offer the following benefits

  • Business class e-mail
  • Web conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Document collaboration
  • Remote support
  • Software & Hardware inventories
  • Fixed monthly cost to maximise your I.T. budget

You DO NOT have to be a big organisation to take advantage of the cloud. We have services for a single user company who needs all the above at the best possible price.