We try to keep everything simple as we've found over the years that simplicity works.

It's great when your computer is just working. Nothing going wrong. However, we all know it is NOT really like this. Over time your system begins to get slower and slower. Things seem to be happening and you may not be sure what is actually going on.

It is at these times that you'll need some help. Either by phone or visiting you, we can analyse the problem and provide advice or a fix. This can be done either remotely or at your location (after all, you really don't want to have to unplug everything do you?)

Sometimes you need more than just a phone call. All you have to do is schedule an appointment with us. We'll do all the work. WE COME TO YOU.


New System Setup

Bought a new computer? Need help setting it up? Obviously we can't do this over the phone, so naturally we'll come to you.

  • Unpack your system and physically set it up; including monitor, mouse and keyboard setup
  • Connect up three external devices (i.e. wireless printer, scanner, MP3 player, camera, etc.)
  • Connect your new computer to the Internet so you can surf the web*
  • Setup one email account so you can send and receive emails
  • Verify that system, devices, Internet and email function properly

*Internet connection required.

File Transfer & Data Backup

Bought a new computer but already have one gathering dust?  Need to get the files and important information from the old one?

There are just some things you can’t replace. Whether it is family photos, music, files or important documents, the last thing you want to do is lose them. We know what it takes to create. Secure data file backups and transfer them to your new PC to ensure your information is safe.

  • Determine which files and data you want backed up from your system OR transferred to your new computer
  • Help you back up your personal data to a self provided storage device (i.e. external hard drive, CD, DVD, etc.) OR transfer it to your new computer*
  • Walk you through the installation of data backup and recovery software (if applicable)

*Alternate storage medium required.

Internet & Email Setup

You're all set up but..not sure about connecting to the internet or haven't really understood the instructions from your service provider. You can give them a call, and with luck you won't be talking to a callcentre in a different timezone

  • Help you connect your system to an existing internet subscription
  • Setup your browser homepage
  • Help you set up one e-mail account, junk filters and archives

 Software Installation

Need help installing that photo editing software on your computer?
Our trained software installation experts know how to get them up and
running so you can get going in no time!
  • Determine if your system meets the necessary requirements for the software to run properly
  • Assist you with installing up to three software* applications
  • Verify that the installed software functions properly
  • Register and activate the software as needed

*software provided by end user

 Computer Accessories installation and Setup

Need a little help getting your new camera, MP3 or other device connected and working? We can help you start enjoying them in next to no time.

  • Physically connect up to 3 external devices.
  • Install software and drivers to ensure devices work correctly
  • Help answer questions on your new device

PC Health Check

Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal

Tired of pop up windows opening themselves, slow start up speeds, crashes and
other errant behavior? Viruses make PC’s slow and do things we can’t control.
Let us help you regain control of your computer.

  • We will check your system for malicious software.
  • Helping you to remove spyware and viruses.
  • Setup automated and proactive scanning to prevent future infections.
  • Check your security and firewall settings.
  • Recommend anti-virus software and install if required.

Anti-Virus Installation

A strong defence is the best way to protect your system from incoming viruses. Let our experts install and configure the security software you need to guard and protect your computer and most importantly, your personal information.
  • Provide advice about which AV solution would suit your needs
  • Help install anti-virus software
  • Help you setup and schedule automatic antivirus software updates to ensure you have the most current virus protection
  • Configure real-time scans to protect you when downloading documents from e-mail or the Internet
  • Setup automatic periodic virus scans to provide ongoing protection
  • Assist you in securing your computer with a firewall